Video Demo Reel
Happy to work with the Presbyterian Mission Agency to produce this video about a unique and growing women's ministry in my home town called Collide.
We produced this video on Union Church Seattle for the Presbyterian Foundation, based in Jeffersonville, Indiana, highlighting their work to help churches and regional bodies make wise investments that enable them to fund new projects and increase their presence in underserved communities.
Author Christian Piatt asked me to produce a series of videos that would narrate key chapters from his "Banned Questions" books. We shot pilot material and five episodes over several days on location in Portland using two Canon 1D Mark IV DSLRs and a Canon XF100 for the steadycam shots.
A video produced about the Beer & Hymns gathering held at First Christian Church in Portland, Oregon. The event is a collaboration between First Christian Church and The Bridge Christian Church in Portland.
The video was linked to an NPR report on Beer & Hymns gatherings around the nation. You can even see NPR religion reporter, John Burnett, with his microphone and headphones on at the end of the opening scene.
One of a series of 10 interviews with faith leaders and activists around the world produced for the World YWCA, the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance, and the World Council of Churches to help promote a new initiative on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR).
Here is a link to the story written about the launch event that includes some background information.
The founders of the progressive Christian resource group, Living the Questions, wrote a book - Living the Questions: The Wisdom of Progressive Christianity - and I worked with Scott Griessel of Creatista to produce the following video trailer for their publisher.